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Greenways Hotel - Green Mission

At Greenways Hotel we strive towards being good custodians of the environment. we adopt fair, socio-friendly & sustainable practices in the upliftment of historically disadvantaged people.

We are appreciative of your support of cape town and the western cape. we are all fortunate to be able to visit, vacation, play, live, and / or work in one of nature’s most beautiful areas.

Greenways Hotel is committed to care & protect our environment, wildlife and surrounding areas.

Greenways Hotel is proud to be the leader in this community in hotel environmental sustainability.

We continuously strive to keep our planet healthy by protecting our natural resources and minimizing our carbon footprint. as a boutique hotel situated in the cape peninsula, this area being one of the 6 floral kingdoms of the world we have implemented simple, innovative, & cost-effective programs to reduce energy consumption and be environmentally friendly.

We consult with numerous environmental and energy-efficiency experts to help us analyse and develop additional opportunities to be a leader in environmental sustainability. and, as always, we look to partner with all our hotel visitors to keep our planet beautiful for future generations.

Listed below are some of the areas in which we are currently involved or participate:

Environment and Waste Management

- no harmful pesticides utilised in garden
- no chemical fertilisers used
- irrigation water from borehole
- 90% of all waste is separated and recycled
- energy reduction programme in place


- salt chlorination for swimming pool
- monthly donation of used magazines to local hospitals & old age homes
- support local producers/suppliers according to the motto: local is lekker

Social Responsibility

- provide work opportunities for local community
- up-skilling of staff from disadvantaged communities through ongoing in house training
- donate used furnishings/linen/towels to needy causes within the local community
- used guest toiletries passed on to locally under privileged
- supports little lambs kindergarden, hout bay and pack for a purpose

Security & Safety

- our guests’ peace of mind and absolute comfort is of paramount importance to us
- these are some of the measures taken to ensure the above
- secure on site parking is provided behind an access controlled gate
- a security company provides the services of certified security bicycle and car patrols in the area
- public liability insurance in place