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Greenways Hotel Guest Comments


This is the second time I’ve stayed at Greenway and I had another positive experience. This time I encountered challenging circumstances when I arrived since I’d just travelled 27 hours and my suitcase had been lost in Dubai. The staff handled this situation incredibly well. The folks were empathetic, got me toiletries very quickly, called Emirates Airlines constantly to see if my bag had been found, went and got my bag, and was just super-attentive.

All of the staff I encountered were fantastic, but a couple stand out for me. First David (the Chef) drove me on Sunday to Cavendish Square to get clothes since my luggage had been lost. He insisted on escorting me in and making sure I could change money and had my bearings. He also picked me up to take me back to the Hotel. This effort was beyond the call of duty … and really appreciated.

The other person I’d call out was Linda, who was at the desk when I checked in. I was so tired and exasperated, that if she had not been so empathetic and helpful, I could have worked myself into a dreadful mood. But she was really nice, accommodating and helpful and it set me at ease as well as set the tone for my stay.

Thanks again. Your staff and the feeling at the hotel is really unusually warm and accommodating. See you next year.

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