Greenways Garden

Greenways Garden

Step into a lush oasis of enchanting gardens with meandering pathways leading you to secluded tranquil settings, where you can enjoy the sounds of the birds as you read a novel or simply take time out to relax. whether you choose to sit below the weeping willow, beside the pond or take in the sensual setting of our rose garden, you will soon be lulled by the gentle sounds of nature.

Read all about what is happening in our garden and innovative gardening tips from ruth rupprecht, our resident horticulturist.

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Greenfingers Gardening Tips for a 'Greener' Garden

1. Water Efficiently

Sounds pretty straightforward but there are some ways you can enhance your water conserving efforts when it comes to gardening such as seriously cutting back on watering times, only watering at strategic times of day (such as in the evening).

2. Make your own compost

Making your own compost is a simple task that is not only good for your lawn but also helps cut down on waste. you can make your own compost by taking vegetable or fruit scraps, such as the peeled skin from a carrot, potato, apple, etc. these work well and also give your lawn great nutrients that they wouldn’t get elsewhere.

3. Mulch

Using mulch throughout your garden is not only a beautiful way to enhance the look of your garden but it also provides a natural way to save water by less need to water and protects plants as well.

4. Hang bird feeders or nesting boxes

Hanging bird feeders and besting boxes will allow for birds to nest in your garden which will only enhance your garden naturally even more. this is due to the fact that birds eat pests that you don’t want in you garden such as snails and slugs. so instead of fertilizing against these little bugs, simply invite the birds in to do it for you naturally!